Warner Strategy & Fundraising BV and VK-consult BV are a fiscal unity since 2014. We work with and for organisations both in the Netherlands and abroad that are dedicated to making the world a better place.

We are a small agency with a team of involved, enterprising individuals who understand that small things can achieve big changes. Organisations that work with us gain better insight into their aspirations and abilities, and how to receive the support they need. Also, we help to define outcome-orientation, cooperation and communication and to embed these into the organisation.

Organisations are made of people. Our working methods are tailored to the individuals we work with and are feasible for practical implementation. We try to bring out their best! To do so, we offer an integrated package of services comprising evaluations, strategic organisation advice, knowledge management, fundraising, training and interim management.

Theo van Koolwijk (1956) has ample experience in strategic policy development, fundraising and integral management. He focuses on building capacity and creating distinct profiles for non-profit organisations and networks in Europe and beyond. He performed over one hundred evaluations, dozens of interim management, and many projects in the area of business planning, coalition building, policy consulting and strategic exploration assignments, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Van Koolwijk studied biology and public administration at the University of Amsterdam and received his post-doctoral diploma in Management and Public Administration from the Institute for Management and Public Administration in 1997. He enrolled in the Interim Management and Organisational Change programme for experienced interim managers at Sioo in Utrecht in 2002 and 2003. Van Koolwijk can quickly and effectively direct complex structures, networks and organisations. See Portfolio.

Marja van Tienhoven (1958) provides various services in the field of cultural education, policy planning and teambuilding. See Linked In profile.